The famous novel Sasameyuki of Japanese writer Jun’ichirō Tanizaki has been translated into Turkish from its Japanese original, by the Japonologist Esin ESEN.

In the introduction of the book there is an essay by the translator titled “Perception of Sasameyuki in Turkish” in which she explains the translation process, and gives other information about the book. 1) The title and symbolic meaning 2) Tanizaki and the novel 3) Main themes of the novel 4) Historical background 5) The social structure and the women in the novel.  6) Japanese language usage in the novel 7) Transcription . The Turkish translator explains, she has focused on the translation of the culture and cognition.

The Turkish translation contains 845 pages.

Although in the cover of the book there are images from the beginning of the 1900’s, and for Japanese people they are not representing the novel’s period, the cover is highly praised by Turkish audience.

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